Thoughts of a Wandering Mind

Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earthbound misfit, I...


As the day's activities end, and I sit to unwind, for the hundreth time today my thoughts turn to you. The sound of your voice, the tilt of your chin, the cool, clear eyes that at times seem to see straight thru to my soul. And as I look into those eyes, I can see past the smile that masks all the pain and sorrow. My heart goes out, I just want to hold you, tell you it'll be alright, and maybe for a short time, make those feelings go away. You're a beautiful person, both inside and out, and it's a shame that anyone could ever want to make you believe any different. As I consider the short period of time that I've known you, I realise that whether we remain friends, or perhaps more, that I'm very fortunate to know you, and to have gotten as close as I have. And I want you to know that I could never do anything to hurt you, nor would I ever want to. And one more thing, if there's ever anything you need, like the man said, "You just call out my name..."


The lonliness ot the night surrounds the strong and robs the weak, injecting fear and insecurity into the souls of all. But neither the weak nor strong are defenseless against this invisible entity of the dark, for armed with such weapons as love and companionship even the most tender of hearts may stand invincible.


In the cool, quiet evening of the eastern seaboard, as the sun sets majestically in the west, I think of you. Your shimmering hair and crystal eyes burning thru my memory, blocking out the sunset and all else around me. I am yours, heart and soul, dreams and desires, for as long as you desire to possess me. And as the stillness of the evening surrounds me my only wish is a selfish one, that you were here with me.

Life's Confusion...Dedicated to Animal

The life I live has never been a work of art, on the contrary, it's confusing as hell. It's full of twists, and curves, and switch-backs designed to drive even the strongest of men insane. And as if the life itself isn't enough, the relationships and interactions within it strive to compound the situation all the more. I've always been a loner, never made a lot of friends, and though I've dated several girls, there were very few I got close to. Now as I look back, I see that of the few friends I made, the majority are gone, a carwreck here, an overdose there, and even an occasional maniac with a gun or knife. And the girls, lost memories of a happier, more carefree life, sour thoughts of "harpies" whose only intentions were to make life as miserable as possible, and moments of innocence, as sweet as the candy we all wish life was made of. But though the past may be confusing, it doesn't hold a candle to the present. For with the loss of old friends and loves, we eventually encounter newer and seemingly more precious versions of each. And though the disappointments be heavy, the concept behind the confusions is that the pleasantries should out weigh, that life may continue in harmony...We can but hope...


As the dawn breaks softly over the mountains, I sit and quietly drink in the splendor of the moment, the hues and colors of sunrise splashing brightly over all in sight and chasing the darkness of the night over the horizon and out of mind for another day.


The Sunset sparkles off the water, looking for all the world like an endless field of precious gems. The birds singing in the distance, a sonata too beautiful to ever be set to score. Nature thrives in infinite bounds, it's sights and sounds defying description by even the profoundest minds.

The Internet

On the internet you can be whatever you want, no-one can dispute your tale though they may try, they only know what you let them in on. On the internet people tend to forget, at least for a short while, the "real" world, they come here to live a life that has no bounds, to hide from or perhaps to recreate a reality that's not so perfect. However the internet can become very real with just the stroke of a key, relationships develop, friends, lovers, and some that are even lucky enough to arrange a "real life" meeting. But for even those that never meet eye to eye, feelings arise, they begin to think of each other as old and dear friends, confidants, or perhaps more. Then with the passing of the night suddenly one is gone, the pain is confusing, this is a person we really didn't know, or did we, is there really a difference, is the life we lead in the infinite confines of this little box any different than what we find outside, if so then why does the passing of a perfect stranger hurt so much? And why do we feel the joys and sorrows that we read on the screen on a daily basis, if this is fantasy why does it at times feel so real?